Boutique Hotel Palazzo Gentilcore Castellabate

A Story of Beauty

The Boutique Hotel Palazzo Gentilcore is located at the gates of the historic village of Castellabate, in the heart of Cilento.
Rebuilt in the early 18th century., on a factory of 1100, the building was first used as a noble residence for the De Angelis family, then the seat of the Municipality and the Magistrates' Court; and finally, albergo.
In 2018, we bought and renovated it to make it a "home" where we are happy to welcome friends and many travelers looking for informal and sophisticated hospitality at the same time.
Paintings from our private collections and family furnishings, travel memories, design objects and hand-painted ceramics tell of our love for beauty but, mostly, the strong bond that has been established with these places, steeped in art, of history and culture.
The thirteen rooms, large and bright, they are each different from the other and are named after the various towns of Castellabate.
The breakfast, which on sunny days is served in the ancient courtyard, it is prepared with homemade jams and desserts, as well as with the cold cuts and cheeses that the local farmers provide us.
Pancrazio, our Locanda Cilentana, offers a cuisine of sea and land, in which the flavors of our grandmothers' Sunday lunches are combined with the continuous research of our Chefs and with our passion for the infinite eno-gastronomic resources offered to us by the territory.

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    Cilento hospitality

    The Boutique Hotel Palazzo Gentilcore is located in a building whose factory dates back to 1100. Rebuilt, in 1745, by the De Angelis family, to make it your residence, the structure became, very soon, the center of the political and social life of Cilento. Riots and revolutions were organized in its rooms, They hosted politicians and fervent liberals wanted by the Bourbon police. Hence the proclamations against the monarchy and the creation of the republic in 1799. From here the affiliates of the Carboneria were directed; and from here two hundred of the thousand Garibaldini departed. Became in 1861, seat of the Municipality and the District Court, the Palace hosted, in his courtyard, the first cinematographic representation of the country.
    After decades of neglect, in the 60s of the last century, became, finally, hotel and remained such for about forty years. When we bought it, in 2018, we decided to return the palace to its former glory, bringing to light the many elements in stone that characterize it and taking up the frescoes and structural elements canceled by previous restorations. Today, the thirteen rooms of Palazzo Gentilcore are all different from each other. Some have rock arches; in one there is still the mouth of the old oven of the house, with the burnt stones that recall the movements of 1828; permanent memory imprinted in the living material of the building. For flooring, we used hand-painted Vietri ceramics, also referring to drawings by Giò Ponti; in some rooms we have also introduced olive wood, typical of our lands. For common areas, we used Ogliara handmade terracotta, which we imagine had also been chosen when the buildings were founded; antiques that belonged to Chiara's family, works by Josè Ortega, which are part of Giovanni's private collection; paintings by contemporary artists and ceramics from Vietri and Caltagirone.
    In our Locanda, only local cuisine is served, prepared with ingredients that do not come from large retailers, but which we procure from the best farmers, Cilento breeders and fishermen. Our cellar tells of Giovanni's love for Cilento and good wine, with many local labels and some, selected national labels. In the garden stand the two majestic fig trees, with whose fruits we prepare many of our desserts and, mostly, the jams.
    Not rarely, on summer mornings you can find us climbing up their branches, with a basket in hand, or in the kitchen to try a new recipe, "Abusing" the patience of the Chef.
    It will be, look for us at the largest and noisiest table in the restaurant, because we will almost always have dinner with you, in the company of many friends who come back to visit us.
    Raffaele, Lucio and Carlo, to which all our efforts and hopes for the future are dedicated, they will almost certainly be around, to welcome guests, to check the cellar, to answer the phone ... we are not, certainly, a company in the "classic" sense of the word and this "house" will never be a "hotel", as it is usually understood but, whenever you want, even just for one day… We are waiting for you in the South and you will be welcome!


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    “Love and 'l cor gentil are one thing,
    as the sage in his dictation poses,
    and so being one without the other dares
    like alma rational without reason.

    Take nature when you are in love,
    Amor per sire and 'l cor per his mansion,
    in which he rests while sleeping
    sometimes little and such a long season.

    Bieltate appears in wise woman then,
    that pleases the eyes yes, than inside the core
    a longing for the pleasing thing arises;

    and sometimes it lasts so long in him,
    which awakens the spirit of Love.
    And simil face in a valiant homo woman.”

    (Dante Alighieri, New life, XXIX)



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